Who we are…

in a nutshell

We are three friends that are bringing up our kids in different parts of the world. During one holiday meet up, one of us pulled out an apron-like cover to start nursing her baby. Previously we had all been using muslins that have a habit of falling down, getting pulled off by the baby, or are just not quite big enough.

With two of us breastfeeding at the time and the third friend pregnant, we set about designing an improved version of the apron-like cover. Between us we have 7 children, so we put our own nursing experiences together to come up with this unique cover. Because we all live in different countries and travel extensively, we are fully aware of how difficult it is to nurse your baby wherever you happen to be due to attitudes towards breastfeeding, cultural differences, noise or even the weather.

Our nursing covers just make life as a breastfeeding mummy a little easier.